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First Lilly-Built Extreme Raceboat To Debut In Cocoa Beach

The most joyful cockpit duo in offshore racing, Brit Lilly and Kevin Smith have won multiple single-engine V-bottom world and national championship titles in their well-known Extreme raceboat dubbed LSB Hurricane Of Awesomeness, which was designed and built by the late Mark Spates. This season, however, they’ll continue their quest for Pro Stock V-class success in a 29-foot Extreme built by Lilly at his shop in Arnold, Md.

The first 29-foot Extreme raceboat built by Brit Lilly is ready for rigging.

And they’ll begin with the season-opener for the six-race 2021 American Power Boat Association National Championship Series, May 20-23, in Cocoa Beach, Fla.

“We are definitely going to race it this year, starting with Cocoa Beach,” said Lilly, who began working on the project a year ago this month and spent a week at Skater Powerboats in Douglas, Mich., learning more about lamination techniques from company founder Peter Hledin. “We got the hull and deck attached and it’s close to going into rigging—some of that, like installing the motor mounts, has already been done. The ballast and fuel tanks are in the boat. The cockpit is in the boat. The dash is done.

“The bare hull weighs 1,900 pounds,” he continued. “I didn’t leave out any material—that’s all from the wet-bagging and everything else I learned from going up to Skater.”

Check out the slideshow above for images of the new LSB/Hurricane Of Awesomeness raceboat.

“We’re definitely going to have to add some weight because it’s so light,” Smith said, then laughed. “But Britt has created multiple pockets in the stringer areas where we can put the weight exactly where we want it.”

The boat’s 525-hp engine is being built by renowned engine man Joey Griffin. Once it’s installed and the boat is complete, Lilly and Smith will head to Tarpon Springs, Fla., for testing and setup dial-in. Smith said the plan, which he hopes will come to fruition next month, is for their fellow single-engine V-bottom-class offshore racer and friend Steve Miklos to join them with his own 29-fooot Extreme for comparative purposes.

Said Smith, “It’s a bad-ass piece. It looks like Skater built an Extreme raceboat.”

Lilly (left) is calling the boat a 299 Extreme.

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