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First Impression: Sunsation 29 CCX

It’s easy to get spoiled in this job—easy to forget that a powerboat doesn’t have to cost in the high six figures and top 150 mph to be fun. (Though don’t get me wrong, I’ve become awfully fond of that kind of ride during almost 20 years of covering the go-fast boat world.)

Earlier today, I got a refreshing reminder of what really matters on the water, courtesy of the new Sunsation 29 CCX center console at the in-water portion of the Miami International Boat Show, which opened yesterday. Powered by a pair of 150-hp Mercury Marine Four-Stroke outboards, the 29-footer was, quite simply, a whole lot of fun. Thanks to the same performance hull found on the Algonac, Mich., company’s 28-foot sportboat, the 29 CCX was nimble and rode softly in 1- to 2-foot Biscayne Bay chop and cruiser wakes.

sunsation29-2-hugeSunsation partner Jared Morris, Speed On The Water digital magazine technical editor Bob Teague and I had a blast on the company’s sharp new 29-footer today.

While we’ll run a complete profile of the 29 CCX in an upcoming issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine, here are some of today’s highlights from my test run in the boat with Bob Teague, the magazine’s technical editor, and Sunsation partner Jared Morris.

*Top speed of 59 mph with Teague, Morris and I—none of us “tiny” guys—on board.

*Simple yet huge cabin in keeping with the CCX—Center Console Extreme—concept.

*A rock-solid stainless steel T-top devoid or rattles or creaks, regardless of running conditions.

*A list price of $129,000.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to the 29-footer than those bullet points, and we’ll explore them in the upcoming magazine feature. But the simple truth is that the 29 CCX is quite fun, and while you may want more and be lucky enough to afford it, you don’t necessarily need it.

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