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First 2,000 HP Sixteen Power V-16 Engine Debuts At Texas Outlaw Challenge

Attendees at this evening’s dinner celebration for the Texas Outlaw Challenge are getting the first public look at the initial 2,000-hp supercharged engine from Sixteen Power, as the company’s Tom Robinson just pulled the sheet off the V-16 creation. The engine is on display tonight at the event-capping Outlaws To The Max party at MarineMax of Houston in Seabrook, Texas.

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Tonight’s Texas Outlaw Challenge revelers will get the first public look at a 2,000-hp V-16 engine from Sixteen Power (click image to enlarge).

“With many hours of dyno testing of the 1,100-hp naturally aspirated V-16 under our belt, it was only a matter of time before the team at Sixteen Power turned its attention to the next obvious stage in development: a supercharged version of the engine,” Robinson said. “Since ‘multiplying by two’ is pretty much the company’s design recipe, Sixteen Power has taken supercharging components that are known to develop 1,000 hp on a 427-cubic-inch V-8 engine and used them on a 2,000-hp version of their 854-cubic-inch V-16 engine.”

Sixteen Power launched its engine program with a 1,600-hp supercharged model at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show. Since then, the privately funded Detroit Metro Area company has been proceeding as finances allow. After extensive durability testing, Robinson explained, Sixteen Power completed a pair of naturally aspirated 1,100-hp engines, installed them in a 42-foot MTI catamaran and began on-water testing. That process continued into 2019—and is continuing still.

As it gained confidence in the naturally aspirated engine platform, Sixteen Power set its sights on a supercharged 2,000-hp version and began working on its development.

“We always designed the V-16 with the idea that it would support 2,000 hp,” Robinson said.

Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at Sixteen Power’s latest creation.

Components of the new engine include twin air filter housings with integral bell mouth entries, twin 95-mm drive-by-wire throttle bodies from General Motors new ZR-1 Corvette and twin Magnuson superchargers using the same Eaton 2650 rotor pack as the ZR-1. Both superchargers are driven from the center of the engine.

From the outset, the foundation of Sixteen Power’s engine platform program has rested on spreading the workload among 16 cylinders. Distributing the workload is crucial to the reliability of the package in naturally aspirated or supercharged form, according to Robinson.

“Reliability has always been one of the main objectives for Sixteen Power,” he said.

Robinson said that while the 2,000-hp engine is not yet being offered to consumers, the 1,100-hp version is available. In the meantime, party goers at tonight’s Texas Outlaw Challenge bash are getting the first look at Sixteen Power’s most powerful creation to date.

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