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Fire Up

Welcome to speedonthewater.com, the high-performance boating arm of BoaterMouth.com. Lead by noted yacht charter writer Kim Kavin, BoaterMouth is a 12-person team of marine industry writers “blogging” four to five days a week about a particular segment of the boating world. Having written for Powerboat magazine since 1994, my specialty is high performance.

BoaterMouth happened because, first, it needed to happen and, second, Kim Kavin, as the founder of charterwave.com, is ahead of the online curve. If you haven’t noticed, the print media world has not found a a way to provide a steady, consistent stream of fresh online content. And although there are boating message boards aplenty—and we all enjoy them—there’s also a crying need for something more immediate, not to mention something more professional, in each segment.

So Kim went out and recruited her favorite writers, each with a specialty from electronics to yachts, to be part of the BoaterMouth team. Each of us will blog four to five days a week. 

Here’s my promise to you as the high-performance marine blogger for BoaterMouth.com and speedonthewater.com: I will give you useful information. I will keep you updated on the latest products and developments. I will keep you entertained. I will not pull any punches.

Time to fire up.—Matt Trulio