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Fire And Ice: Drogon Cigarette Lights Up Tahiti

A vibrant, orange-and-white Cigarette Racing Team 42X sportboat may not have been the last thing we ever expected to see dodging icebergs in Alaska—but it was damn close. Then again,  Cigarette creations can be found all over the world. So why not on the water in Alaska with a glacier as a backdrop?

Striking a pose on the edge of private Fakarava Beach in Tahiti, the Drogon Cigarette 42X continues its globetrotting adventures. Photos and video by Jenks Imaging’s Clint Jenkins/copyright Cigarette Racing Team.

Why not indeed, especially when the boat’s adventurous, intensely private owner has the vision—and the means—to transport his 42-footer powered by Mercury Racing 1350/1100 engines to unusual places, the most recent being French Polynesia, more commonly called Tahiti. After all, they both have open water, albeit separated by 5,654 miles of Pacific Ocean, and the boat’s interior and exterior hues have a tribal Polynesian theme.

“I have seen Cigarettes all over the world,” said Skip Braver, the owner and chief executive officer of the Opa-locka, Fla., custom high-performance center/super console and sportboat company. “France, Italy, Germany—you name it. But I never expected to see one of our boats in front of a glacier or at a private island in Tahiti.

“Then again, it’s a Cigarette,” he continued. “I think it’s so cool that the owner has enough love for the boat and brand to take it to these exotic locations. Passion for the brand drives everything we do—it’s a big part of the Cigarette difference.”

A previously reported on speedonthewater.com, Drogon’s interior and exterior were the product of a collaborative process involving Peter Pavkovich of Custom Marine Sales, Visual Imagination’s Mark Morris, Jamie Borg of Cutting Edge Interiors and photographer Clint Jenkins, who captured the boat during its Southern California debut off Catalina Island. The boat also is featured in the soon-to-be-released Speed On The Water 2020 Year In Review collector’s edition magazine, which can be ordered here.

“I think it shows some of our best work to date,” Braver said when the boat was unveiled. “I think it also highlights the best of Mark’s work, the best of Jamie’s work and the abilities of Peter to manage a project like this. They are super creative and talented people, and they worked well with the team here at Cigarette to complete a high-quality product.”

Like you, we have no clue where Drogon will show up next. But after Alaska and Tahiti, nothing would surprise us—or Braver.

“Surprises are another part of the Cigarette difference,” he said. “And we’ll have even more this year.”

First Alaska, now French Polynesia. Where will Drogon turn up next?

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