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Fiore On Outerlimits Engine Program: “Pleased With Our Progress”

In October 2009, Outerlimits started its own in-house engine program. The project included buying a dynamometer and building a testing cell to house it, acquiring the tools for the job of building high-performance marine engines and hiring engine builder Mike Faucher to manage the program. Ambitious to be sure, especially when the Bristol, R.I. company also had to continue building exotic custom offshore V-bottoms and catamarans.

“We have six engines being built right now, all north of 1,400 horsepower,” said Mike Fiore, the company principal. “We have two boats running with our power in the Northeast. One of them is a 44SL, and the owner is running the crap out of it—he’s put on 65 hours this summer.

“We didn’t want to talk much about our engine program until, honestly, we had something to talk about,” added Fiore. “But we’re really pleased with our progress.”

In addition to Faucher, said Fiore, Outerlimits has three builders/mechanics working in its engine shop. Dustin Whipple of well-known supercharger manufacturer Whipple Industries helped with the development of the various engine models. Whipple superchargers are stock on all Outerlimits engines.

At present, Outerlimits offers 850, 1,275- and 1,375-hp engines in its “pleasure” series (the 850- and 1,275-hp engines come with a one-year warranty, while the 1,375-hp engine comes with a six-month warranty) as well as custom “race” series engines.

“We just finished a set of race series engines in the 1,600-hp range,” said Fiore.

Fiore emphasized that all of his company’s engine models were developed with reliability as a top priority.

“We focused on our oiling systems,” he said. “We pay $3,200 for an oil pump so we can maintain linear oil pressure. We run 65 psi at idle, and 75 psi at wide-open. And thanks to the new products out there, we’ve also gone with a no-maintenance valve train. No valve lashing or any that of kind of maintenance is required.”

In Other Outerlimits News

•The company just finished the final sea trial of its first 52-foot-long, quad-diesel-engine boat. The boat is going to a European client, who says he plans to use it for endurance racing.

•For the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout August 28-29, Fiore said he’s “planning to” bring a 44SL with twin 1,400-hp engines that should hit 160 mph.