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Fine-Tuning The Poker Run Experience

As a columnist, sometimes the audience you target isn’t the audience you reach. Case in point: In February, I wrote a piece called “What Do You Want From A Poker Run?” I was hoping to elicit feedback, the kind I could pass on to poker-run organizers, from frequent poker-run participants. And while I did get a few comments from poker-run fans, the column mostly caught the attention of independent poker-run organizers.

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Like never before, event organizers need—and want—your input. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

By independent, I mean organizers who produce one or two—or in the case of Elite Poker Runs LCC—three events a year rather than longtime professional poker-run series organizers such as the Florida Powerboat Club or Poker Runs America.

That column sparked interest, enthusiasm and, much as this word is overused and abused—synergy among members of the independent poker-run organizer crowd. Within a week or so, they created their own group called the American Poker Run Organization and their first meeting is set for Oct. 19-21 in Nashville.

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