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Final Day To Pre-Order The 2022 Year In Review Magazine

After sending out an email to let previous purchasers of the annual Speed On The Water Year In Review magazine know that this was the last week to order the 2022 edition and get the 196-page issue hot off the presses and shipped directly from the printer, I received several nice replies thanking me for the reminder to order the 2022 Year In Review magazine. There was no need to thank me—it should be the opposite way around really—but their responses reminded me that I should post a quick story letting the speedonthewater.com audience know that today—Friday, Jan. 6—is the last day to get in your order and not have to wait a few weeks to get your hands on it.

Offshore racing’s next generation reminds you to order a Speed On The Water 2022 Year In Review issue. Photo courtesy Brian Forehand

One such response read, “Thank you for the reminder!! I turned in my order this morning.  I really enjoy the Year In Review, it may be one of my favorite magazines! Thank you again for the reminder.”

Another one said, “Thank you very much for the reminder  I completely forgot until I received your email. I just placed my order.”

Of course, I don’t want to give too much away because we’ve kept the issue pretty much under wraps to not ruin any surprises that come with flipping through the issue once it’s in your hands. But I did want to share the adorable picture above from Michigan City, Ind., of offshore racing’s baddest biker gang that we selected to lead off this year’s People section—one of the most fun parts of the magazine, at least in mine and my co-publisher Matt Trulio’s opinions.

As you can see from the group of offshore racer offspring taking up the left half of the two-page spread in the magazine, there are a lot of smiling faces featured at events ranging from Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks to the Florida Keys all the way to Lake Champlain in Vermont. And that’s just on the first two pages. There are four People pages, plus a quick-hitting “They Said It” section from our 2022 Interview Issue, an In Memoriam spread and our year’s best highlights.

If that’s not enough to entice you to order the magazine, maybe the spotlights on 28 new boats, 11 key races and 43 recreational events will do the trick. You won’t be disappointed. No one ever is; it’s two-plus pounds of powerboat heaven that you won’t want to throw away. Because, no matter how many times you read it or look it over, it forces you to think about boats. And who doesn’t want to spend their time thinking about boats?

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