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FB Marine Group Scores Victories

Shortly before the nation shut down for COVID-19, FB Marine Group headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., took delivery of a 34 Victory catamaran from Dubai. As expected, the 34-footer arrived as a bare hull. Though the company’s rigging team had hoped to finish the boat in late March, disruptions in the parts supply chain, as well as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention social distancing guidelines, slowed the process. Now the boat, which is powered by Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines, is finished and ready for delivery to Brock Vernon, its Texas-based owner.

Rigged by FB Marine Group, this Victory 34 catamaran went through its first sea trail last week.

 “Patience pays off,” said Randy Sweers, FB Marine Group’s managing partner. “The boat is a full-carbon-fiber build—and it actually measures almost 36 feet long.

“Brock also currently owns a 40SS Skater catamaran with big power,” he added. “But he wanted the simplicity of an outboard-powered cat that can run 130 mph.”

Sweers and his 14-year-old son, Chase, put the boat through its first sea-trial last week. They wanted to launch the 34 Victory in Miami, but as Miami-Dade County recently began reopening its launch ramps they were clogged with other vessels. Sweers and his son headed for Fort Lauderdale, which is located in Broward County. From there, they ran south to Miami with the senior Sweers at the controls.

“After our initial shakedown to Miami, it was time to have Chase work the throttles,” said Sweers. “He has taken the wheel several times in other boats, but given how forgiving and easy the 34 Victory is to operate I thought it was time for him to join the 100-mph club. He has been much faster many times as a passenger, but not with him running the throttles on his own. A quick and effortless run up to 106 mph seemed to be sufficient for now—I was on the wheel and had a close eye on him. Chase was nervous and still did a great job.

Randy and Chase Sweers ran the newest completed 34-foot Victory catamaran from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and back.

“Now that the Victory has had its initial shakedown test, I have some props arriving early next week so we can do some further testing,” he continued. “The boat will easily run into the 130s. But the cat’s stability and handling are what’s most impressive about it. And the fit and finish of the Victory cats is second to none.”

FB Marine Group took delivery of another 34 Victory cat this week. That boat also will be rigged by the company and powered by Mercury Racing 450R outboards.

FB Marine Group just received another 34-footer from the Dubai-based catamaran builder.

“This one is finished in Nardo Gray (an elegant hue popularized by Audi automobiles) and is going to be very unique,” Sweers said. “Stay tuned for the build on this one.”

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