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FB Marine Group Building Out New All-Carbon-Fiber 34 Victory Pleasure Cat

Though it likely won’t be finished in time for the upcoming Miami International Boat Show, the latest 34 Victory catamaran from the Dubai-based builder has arrived at FB Marine Group in South Florida. The all-carbon-fiber beauty is the first to be received by the multi-location full-service and sales outfit, which is handling the custom interior installation and rigging at its Fort Lauderdale facility.

The 34-footer is going Brock Vernon, of Beaumont, Texas. It will be powered by twin Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines.

victory34fb 10A

The first 34-foot Victory pleasure cat to be completed by FB Marine Group will be spectacular (click image to enlarge). Photos courtesy/copyright Randy Sweers/FB Marine Group.

“Brock was referred to me by Bryan Marquardt, who raced a 32-foot Doug Wright cat with me in Key West in 2018 and is a longtime friend and powerboat enthusiast,” said Randy Sweers, the managing partner of FB Marine Group. “I have built Bryan and his wife, Danyel, several Nor-Tech’s and a few new Statement Marine center consoles over the past several years. When I started working with Victory, he was very impressed with the product.

“Brock currently has a 40-foot Skater with some big power in it that we have for sale,” he continued. “But as everyone knows, the ease of these outboards and minimal amount of maintenance is a big plus these days. The new boat is going to have a really trick custom interior and a lot of other FB MGI Edition features.”

A second 34 Victory going to FB Marine Group currently is under construction in Dubai. It also will be powered by a pair of 450-hp supercharged outboards from Mercury Racing. Like all 34-foot Victory pleasure cats, it has a 64-inch-wide tunnel and a 10-foot-6-inch beam.

Check out the slideshow above to enjoy more images of the 34 Victory currently being rigged FB Marine Group’s Fort Lauderdale location.

A veteran offshore powerboat racer, Sweers is particularly impressed with the catamaran’s build quality, efficiency and handling manners.

“Not only does this boat run extremely well but the fit and finish is spectacular,” he said. “You can really tell that Victory pays attention to every little detail. Also, it’s a much larger boat than any of the other boats in that class. I measured it the other day and it’s almost 36 feet long—and that does not include a bustle.”

“I had the opportunity to run both the 32 Victory and 34 Victory back to back on during the 2020 Joey Gratton Memorial New Year’s Day Fun Run,” he continued. “Both were powered by twin (Mercury Racing) 400R outboards, and although the 32 was a bit faster the 34 handled unbelievably well in the choppy waters of the bay. The overall handling and performance characteristics of this boat are nothing less than spectacular. You can really tell this is a fully race-inspired hull design.”

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