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Father-Daughter Road Trip: Scott and Morgan Sjogren Tackle Monster Bash

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All the way from Illinois, the father-and-daughter cockpit duo of Scott and Morgan Sjogren participated in last weekend’s Monster Bash event in Arizona for the first time.

Call it a blend of powerboat business and family bonding—that’s the bottom line for Scott Sjogren and his 15-year-old daughter, Morgan, who traveled from their home base in the Chicago suburbs to Lake Havasu City, Ariz., for this weekend’s Monster Bash event. On the business side, Sjogren was there to test out the first new outboard-powered DCB Performance Boats M29 he had ordered as a demo boat. In addition to representing the Mystic Powerboats line of luxury center consoles and catamarans, Sjogren is the exclusive salesman for outboard-powered DCB M29 cats in Missouri and all states east of it.

On the bonding side, Sjogren brought along Morgan for a little high-quality father-and-daughter time on the water, and not just in the copilot’s seat for the high-school sophomore. She logged ample seat time behind the wheel of the 29-footer, which is powered by a pair of Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines. Though it wasn’t her first time driving a boat—not surprising given her father’s longtime involvement in high-performance marine industry—it was her first time at the helm of a DCB.

Morgan Sjogren’s Monster Bash experience included time with her father in the DCB M29, as well as a few words of wisdom from Speed On The Water digital magazine columnist Bob Teague of Teague Custom Marine.

“It blew me away,” she said. “I really didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never been in one. But it ran just the way it was supposed to. It accelerated smoothly. It was stable and civil.”

Her father was equally impressed with the 6,800-pound cat’s performance, particularly its handling manners and ride quality.

“These little boats are the best-riding small cats I’ve ever driven in my life,” Sjogren said. “It is the most forgiving boat I’ve ever been in. Morgan and I tried to find a way to disrupt it and we could not. And the fit and finish is in a category of its own.”

The Sjogrens’ Monster Bash experience included a lunch run to Pirate’s Cove from the Nautical Inn, the host venue for the event, on Friday. They ran the boat to approximately 100 mph with Morgan behind the wheel and “didn’t push it,” said Sjogren. While the cat will be hauled to Sjogren’s Mystic and DCB Boat Sales showroom in McHenry, Ill., next week, the father-and-daughter cockpit duo headed home Saturday from what was—on more than one level—a successful trip.

“Now we have to get Morgan more seat time so she can become more comfortable in the boat and run it in a few events with me next summer,” Sjogren said. “We had a really good time, especially in the lunch run when we ran with about 15 other DCBs.

“I had a customer fly out from Florida to meet me at Lake Havasu on a moment’s notice,” he continued. “He ran the boat with me Friday and ordered one—it will be ready in May.”

Asked if he’ll keep the “demo boat” long enough for his daughter to get more seat time with the Lake Michigan boating season done, Sjogren chuckled.

“I’m going to try,” he said. “I can tell you that once people really experience these boats, there’s no way DCB will be able to keep up with the demand. They’re that impressive.”

As for Morgan Sjogren, she’s still holding out hope for a little more time behind the wheel.

For a closer look at Sjogren’s new DCB M29 demo boat, check out the slideshow above.

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