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Fair Chase Skater 368 Taking Colorful Shape

Thanks to Arizona’s Steve Ahrenberg, an avid performance-boating enthusiast, hunter and competitive road and mountain cyclist, we’ve been closely following the build of a new Skater Powerboats 368. Called Fair Chase and powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 700 SCi engines, the cat currently—as previously reported on speedonthewater.com—is getting dressed by the father-and-son duo of Steve and Jake Schule in the Douglas, Mich., company’s paint booth.

Most recently, team Schulte applied Clear Cote to the 36-footer.

Paintwork on the Fair Chase 368 catamaran is coming along beautifully.

“Looks like a trip to Skater in January is my future,” said Ahrenberg.

The high-energy owner plans to debut the boat in the 2021 Desert Storm Poker Run. He’s also planning on running it in the Big Cat Poker Run and Lake of the Ozarks Shootout/Super Cat Fest events. A schedule conflict will keep him from returning to Michigan with his boat to showcase it next August during Ron Szolack’s annual Skaterfest event. Ahrenberg is competing the Tour Divide, a 2,754-mile, unsupported mountain bike race that starts in Alberta, Canada, and finishes at the United States/Mexico border in New Mexico, that month.

Said Tony Cutsuries, Skater’s national sales manager, “It’s a beautiful boat. And Steve is a great guy.”

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