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Fade Paintwork Highlights Latest Double R Delivered Nor-Tech 390

Not given to hyperbole, Peter Roberts of Ontario, Canada-based Double R Performance is more than a little excited about a Nor-Tech 390 Sport center console he delivered to a Canadian buyer earlier this week. Powered by a trio of Mercury Marine Verado 350 outboard engines, the boat boasts an intricate color-fade paintjob that was handled in house by Paul Diogo at the North Fort Myers, Fla., performance center console, catamaran and V-bottom sportboat company.

nortech390fade 04

Ordered by Double R Performance on spec and sold last month, this 39-footer is hull No. 191 of the model.

“It’s probably the nicest 390 we have done,” said Roberts. “It fades from Navy blue to silver going toward the front of the boat. Paul did an amazing job. He used 12 colors between the transom and bow. And it’s the first one we have done with Navy blue motors.

“We did not use a traditional vinyl for the interior,” he continued. “It is more of a canvas material with double diamond white stitchig over top of it. It turned out amazing.”

Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the latest Nor-Tech 390 delivered by Double-R Performance.

Roberts said that fade paintjobs have become something of a Double R trademark. To that end, the company currently has a black-to-white-faded Nor-Tech 390 center console set to be completed early next year, and the boat is still available for purchase.

“We’re always striving to make the new builds we order look different—we try not repeat ourselves—and we’re the only doing these fades on Nor-Tech center consoles,” he said. “We don’t do the ‘2007 poker-run boat’ paintjob on center consoles because it doesn’t look right on them. I don’t like a ton of graphics on these boats, but I do want something that looks stunning.”

nortech390fade 01

Set for completion in January, this Nor-Tech 390 Sport CC is available for purchase.

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