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Factory Billet Update: Dyno Testing With New Components

Coming off a successful Performance Racing Industry trade show last month, Factory Billet is midway through dynamometer testing of its turbocharged 1,650/1,950 flex-fuel high-performance marine engine with innovative Inconel headers and the final iterations of its water-jacketed turbochargers at its facility in Lake Zurich, Ill. The engine on display in the Precision Turbo and Engine exhibit at the annual PRI event Indianapolis was equipped with those components, which arrived at Factory Billet shortly before the show began.

factorybilletengine 04

Another 80 hours of dyno testing is scheduled for Factory Billet’s turbocharged engines.

As planned, testing of the engines with the new components began shortly after the PRI show.

“We came back and immediately got them on dyno,” said Jim Schultz, the owner of the company, who works closely with engine man Mike Faucher. “We were pushing to get to 6,800 rpm, and they spun right up to 7,500 rpm like it was nothing. The motors can breathe correctly now. They’re so much more efficient.”

Click this link for a new mixed media presentation of the complete Factory Billet engine program development story.

Faucher and company began their dyno runs with the engines using 91-octane pump gasoline. With that battery of tests completed, they have moved on to testing with the engines running E-90 fuel.

“We should be done in a couple of weeks,” said Schultz. “We have about 80 more hours of dyno testing to do.”

According to Schultz, the first set of new consumer-ready Factory Billet 1,650/1,950 engines could end up in a new DCB Performance Boats M44 catamaran. DCB’s Jeff Johnston confirmed that one of the company’s longtime customer is, in fact, interested in the Factory Billet power program—including its three-speed automatic transmission—and considering going with it in his new 44-footer.

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