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Exclusive: Hustler’s New 39 Rockit with Mercury 1100s

There was a lot of talk surrounding the last 39 Rockit to come out of the Hustler Powerboats facility in early May (read the story here), but it’s possible that the next 39 Rockit could draw even more interest—and in the very near future.

A pair of Mercury Racing 1100 engines are being installed in Hustler Powerboats' latest 39 Rockit V-bottom.

A pair of Mercury Racing 1100 engines are being installed in Hustler Powerboats’ latest 39 Rockit.

The Calverton, N.Y., company is putting the finishing touches on the stepped 39-foot V-bottom, which is powered by a pair of turbocharged Mercury Racing 1100 engines with M8 drives, and will report back to speedonthewater.com with a performance update. In the meantime, Paul LoGiudice, vice president of marketing and sales for Hustler, provided us with an exclusive look at the gray and yellow beauty.

“Twin Mercury Racing 1100s and M8 drives is an excellent motor and drive package,” said Joe LoGiudice, Hustler’s president. “The one-year warranty really eases the customer concerns about the motor or drive breaking down and shows people how much belief Mercury has in its products.”

One thing’s for sure—the boat should provide an interesting comparison to the last 39 Rockit featuring by a pair of Young Performance 1100 EFI motors and Mercury Racing No. 6 drives.

“We are excited about this project,” Paul LoGiudice said. “With two different 39 Rockits each with twin 1100s, we are hoping to at least bring one of them down to Lake of the Ozarks (Shootout) this year.”

Joe LoGiudice said the 39 Rockit was designed for people looking to achieve 110-plus mph safely without the worries of chine walking or porpoising. Prices start at $498,934 depending on power and drive choice.

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This is the second 39 Rockit from Hustler to be powered by twin 1,100-hp engines. A pair of Mercury Racing M8 drives are flanked on the transom by Mercury's 380S K-Planes.
With the throttles to the right and shifters to the left, the fully loaded helm features all the essentials in the driver's line of sight. Even the port-side dash was loaded with electronics from the Garmin display to the Livorsi Monster GPS speedometer and the MercMonitor gauge.

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