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European Boat Builder Adds Quad-Verado 400R-Powered 43-Foot Sportboat

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Powered by four Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines, this 43-foot sportboat from Bernico International reportedly has reached 100 mph in intial testing.

Well known in Europe for building custom raceboats since 1991, Bernico International has released a sportboat version of its 43-foot offshore racing model powered by four Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines. The variable deadrise twin-step V-bottom sportboat, which weighs approximately 10,000 pounds, was designed in-house using computer-modeling technology and scale-model testing at the Belgium-based company, according to its founder and owner Nico Bertel. The boat was completed last month.

“We have seen 100 mph,” said Bertel. “We have done a couple of trials on a lake, but no sea trial yet. We have been testing on smooth water to make sure we balance the boat. Once we reach that stage, we’ll begin sea trials.

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Another three Verado 400R-powered models reportedly have been ordered since the first 43-footer with quad outboards was completed.

“We haven’t done a press release (on the new boat) in Europe yet,” he added. “The customer took it on holiday for two weeks. Now we have it back and will do more testing. The owner wants more speed, of course, but it has to be right.”

Bertel said he has three more orders for the 43-footer, which comes with shock-absorbing suspension seats that, like everything else at Bernico International, is built in house. He was inspired to build the boat, he added, by the current crop of performance-oriented Verado outboard-powered center consoles “but hadn’t seen them on an offshore boat.”

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The boat is equipped with shock-absorbing seats built in house at the company (click image to enlarge).

“We’ve done one and have more ordered so we’re really, really happy,” he said. “We’re very thrilled about this boat.”

Editor’s Note: Speedonthewater.com will provide additional test results and updates on this model as they become available.

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