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RP Elite Motors Going ‘Very Modern’ With Skater 368 Demo Boat

Of the four catamarans Skater Powerboats dealer RP Elite Motors & Marine currently has on order, the Springtown, Texas-based dealership’s 368 demo boat is the furthest along in the build process. RP Elite Motors principal Ross Ramsey ordered the 36-footer, which will be powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 1100 engines, to showcase the company’s full-custom capabilities, which included expanding the cat’s cockpit by 11 inches. But Ramsey opted for a six-seat cockpit layout—rather than an eight-seat setup—so everyone on board can enjoy extra space.

Slated to be a demo boat for RP Elite Motors, this Skater 368 will powered by twin 1,100-hp engines from Mercury Racing.

“We even cut down the size of the seats, which still have 19-inch-wide backs, to keep as much space in the cockpit as possible,” he explained. “But I also ordered it that way to keep the weight down and the center of gravity perfect.

“The paint on this boat will feature a lot of white, with silver and red contrasts and lots of fades, and the bottom won’t be the normal black and white,” he continued. “It will have lots of CNC-machined billet parts and a very detailed bustle. I really want this boat to have an extremely modern, sporty vibe. I want it to show that Skaters can be very, very modern.”

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More detail from the build in its current state.

Once he takes delivery, Ramsey plans to run the 36-footer for an entire season at events around the country before putting it on the market.

“My wife would kill me if I sold it before that,” he said, then laughed. “But seriously, I feel that RP Elite Motors and Skater are on the same page with our agendas and it’s going to be a very positive relationship for both companies moving forward.”

The 36-footer will have what Ramsey describes as “a very detailed bustle” as one of its highlights.

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