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Elite Poker Runs Losing Key Staffer, Adding To Future Team

Anthony Scioli, the founder of Elite Poker Runs, LLC in Buffalo New York will be on his own to manage on-site registration for his outfit’s Erie Poker Run, which is scheduled for August 12-14. His wife, Sara, who has taken on and mastered that thankless job—and many more since he started the Pennsylvania-based event—has a schedule conflict.

Sara Scioli has a good reason for bailing on this year’s Erie Poker Run.

She is due with her fourth child, a boy who will be named Dominic, on August 17. So she’ll be staying a whole lot closer to home, and nowhere the registration table at the Erie Sheraton Bayfront Hotel host venue, that week.

Though the Sciolis weren’t necessarily planning to add to their family, which includes 11-year-old Adrianna, nine-year-old Sienna and eight-year-old Anthony, Jr., they are delighted.

“It was definitely a surprise to us, to say the least,” said Sara. “But we’re very, very happy.”

At least mostly.

Sara and Anthony Scioli have were a team long before Elite Poker Runs was founded.

“Losing good employees is the story of my life,” Anthony said, then laughed. “Sara is always missed when she isn’t around. I’m sure all the Erie guys will have fun harassing me this year.”

Scioli, who runs his family’s Buffalo-based restaurant and catering business, paused, then laughed again.

“We’re almost to the point where in 15 years I can run a full shift at the restaurant with only family,” he said. “At least if I throw in my sister’s kids.”

Anthony Scioli’s short-term loss in the poker-run organizing world could be his future game in the restaurant world.

Editor’s Note: The entire speedonthewater.com staff congratulates Sara on Anthony Scioli on their future family addition.

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