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Dynamic Duo Complete With DCB M37R Marino Delivery

A little less than a one year ago, Alabama’s Stephen and Kelly Marino took delivery of a new Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats 390 Sport center console during the Fort Myers, Fla., company’s 30th anniversary fun run. But as much as they loved—and still love—their 39-footer, it was exactly half of their incoming performance boat fleet. The Marinos also had a color-matched DCB Performance Boat M37R Widebody catamaran being built by the Southern California-based company.

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Unexpected is the third DCB catamaran the Marinos have owned in the last five years. Photos by Jeff Helmkamp copyright Helmkamp Photos.

Yesterday they ran their eight-seat—a first for an M37R—beauty in person for the first time. DCB’s Tony Chiaramonte and Jeff Johnston delivered the boat to Lake Havasu City, Ariz., in advance of the week’s Desert Storm Poker Run. The Marinos named the cat Unexpected in honor or their 22-week-old daughter, Hannah Faith, who is back in Alabama with her seven-year-old twin sisters, Zoey and Samantha.


But while their third daughter was a boat-name-inspiring surprise, the Marino’s delight with their new cat is anything but. The twin Mercury Racing 450R outboard engine-powered creation is their third DCB in five years. And on Tuesday night they saw it in person—they previously had seen photos as the boat was completed several weeks ago as reported on speedonthewater.com—for the first time.

“It was overwhelming how pretty and perfect it was,” said Stephen Marino. “That boat is bad-ass.”

For all the right reasons, Stephen and Kelly Marino are delighted with their new M37R and will be running it on Lake Havasu this weekend. Photos courtesy/copyright DCB Performance Boats.

The only better thing than seeing the boat for the first time? Running it for the first time.

“We were able to drive the boat with Tony in the morning, which allowed us to go over everything on the boat and test it in different scenarios,” Marino said. “I love it.

“What’s amazing is the time that Tony and Jeff spent with us,” he continued. “There was no time-clock running. If we would’ve wanted them to stay with us all day, they would have. They are amazing and DCB is an amazing company.”

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Enjoy more images of the new 37-footer in the slideshow above.

Though their daughters didn’t make the trip, they have been part of the delivery experience thanks to Facetime and iPhones. The Marino girls were treated to a live video tour of the cat’s cockpit and they learned where they would sit—and play—in the back of the boat.

“They were so excited that they begged us to fly them in last night,” Marino said. “I wish we could but they can’t miss school.

“And occasionally, mom and dad need a break,” he added, then laughed.

Said Marino of his family’s new 37-footer, “I love it.”

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