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DVD Review: They Swam Away 1 and 2

You know something is a guilty pleasure if you feel, well, seriously guilty for enjoying it. That makes Freeze Frame Video’s, “They Swam Away 1” and “They Swam Away 2” DVDs the epitome of guilty pleasures—at least for me. Having just spent the better part of two hours watching both of these DVDs, which consist of nothing more than offshore raceboats crashing to the beat of rock music—with some gratuitous bikini babe footage tossed in for good measure—I have sentiments ranging from, “OK, that was really, really cool” to “What the hell is wrong with me?”

Yet another sure sign of a guilty pleasure—mixed emotions.

What makes it all work is that, according to Freeze Frame’s Jeff Gerardi, no one in any of these nasty raceboat crashes gets seriously hurt. If that were the case, both DVDs would be seriously uncool and there really would be something wrong with me or anyone else who enjoyed them.

It’s hard to believe as you watch guys get spit out of one open-cockpit boat after the next, horrendous flips, roll-overs and violent stuffs that no one involved sustains serious injury. But that’s what Gerardi told me again and again earlier today—because I asked him again and again. I have no reason to disbelieve him.

And there are some memorable crashes on these videos including the Pier 57 catamaran getting absolutely blind-sided by the No. 92 catamaran that seemed to flat-out miss the turn during the 2002 Miami Superboat Grand Prix, and a from-the-waterline view of Steve Schuble (the founder of Offshoreonly.com) and company getting knocked into the water by a raceboat that plowed into their safety boat during the APBA Offshore National Championships in St. Petersburg, Fla.

It could have been worse. I could have watched the season-opener of “American Idol.” Now that’s a guilty