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DriveSync Offered For Twin And Triple Outboard Engine Setups

Initially developed to help stern-drive-equipped high-performance powerboat owners ensure that their outdrives are trimmed to the same precise angle, the DriveSync computer controller system from Marine Design Corporation—the same Cary, Ill.-based company that offers the much heralded, race-tested DriveGuardian—is now available for twin- and triple-outboard engine applications.


Marine Design Corporation is now offering its DriveSync system for twin- and triple-outboard applications. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

“We have quite a few of DriveSync systems on stern drives,” said Mike Clesceri, the founder of the company. “But I got a call from a couple of owners of 28 Skaters who wanted them and I received a handful of orders. I had never used DriveSync on outboards before, and it works really well. The feedback from the Skater 28 customers who installed our system have been very positive.”

Connected to outboard sender units, the microprocessor-controlled DriveSync system ensures that the trim angles match exactly when the operator activates trim buttons for both outboards. Operators who want the trim angles to be different in certain applications or conditions still have the option of using the port or starboard trim button to individually adjust each engine.

“DriveSync is really easy to wire in next to the trim pumps or under the dash and it works with the outboard sender unit in most outboards,” said Clesceri. “And it’s much more accurate than mechanical or even LED indicators.

“I also have a system where you can program in two preset trim positions controlled by a separate trim switch added to the throttle, and I have a system for trim tabs as well,” he added.

The two-outboard version of the DriveSync system retails for $695 and the three-outboard version is priced at $795. With the preset trim angle option, the systems costs $895.

Said Clesceri, “The system is very beneficial for high performance boats, but also would benefit just about any style of boat including center consoles and pontoons.”

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