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Driver and Throttleman Uninjured In MTI Class 1 Raceboat Crash

While it wasn’t the Union Internationale Motonautique Class 1 debut anyone involved had hoped for, the cockpit duo of driver Faleh Al Mansoori and throttleman Rashed Al Tayer emerged unscathed from their 48-foot Marine Technology Inc. (MTI) catamaran after the boat rolled in the first turn of the second race in yesterday event in Ibiza, Spain. The second-fastest qualifier earlier in the day, the new cat, which had taken fifth place in the first race on Saturday, was running second behind the Victory team when it hooked and rolled.


Faleh Al Mansoori and throttleman Rashed Al Tayer were uninjured in the crash of their new 48-foot Marine Technology, Inc.

MTI principal Randy Scism, who was with the Abu Dhabi team in Ibiza, could not be reached for comment. Tim Gallagher, the company’s sales and marketing man, confirmed that no one was injured in the crash.

“I spoke with Rashid Al Tayer, who told me the roll happened in a corner and they were pushing themselves hard,” said Gallagher. “The roll was just a part of racing—not a part we like, but inevitably a part of offshore racing.

“The crew at MTI takes great care in how we build our cockpits for racing,” he continued. “Safety is a top priority. Our efforts certainly paid off today. The crew is working on the boat now. We will update you with our plans for the upcoming races as they develop.”

After the race was restarted, the Victory Team’s Arif Al Zaffain and Nadir Bin Hendi, who have shared the cockpit together since 2011, went on to take first place, as they had in the race the day prior.

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