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Dream Fleet Shaping Up For Super Cat Fest

skater388 southern

David Southern’s spectacular Skater 388 will be one of two Pure Platinum catamaran’s on display at this year’s Super Cat Fest.

While you never can be exactly sure what you’ll find at the Camden On The Lake Resort docks during Super Cat Fest, the exotic catamaran fleet at the annual event never disappoints. This year’s Super Cat Fest, which is set for Aug. 24-26, will be no exception. Thanks to organizer Alvin Heathman, here’s a quick look at what’s on tap:

Two Of A Kind
When was the last time you saw two Pure Platinum series Skater Powerboats 388 catamarans in one place? Well, you can catch both David Southern’s and Mike Pierce’s exquisite creations within walking distance of one another at this year’s Super Cat Fest.

MTI Going Big
Are there any more-recognizable 48-foot Marine Technology, Inc., catamarans than John Woodruff’s Windship and Kenny Armstrong’s Phantom? No Super Cat Fest would be complete without them, and both will be there this year. (And naturally, Woodruff also will have his color-matched Windship helicopter nearby.) Joining the 48 MTI contingent are Fred Reavis and Jake Nossaman with their 48-foot beauties.

Mystic Represents
While defending Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Top Gun American Ethanol, a 51-foot Mystic Powerboats catamaran, won’t be found at the Skater Fest host venue docks, the brand will be well-represented by Habitual, a new low-profile Mystic C4400 catamaran owned by Chad and Heather Collier. And though he isn’t planning to compete in the Shootout, Win Farnsworth is bringing Low Altitude, his incredible turbine engine-powered 51-foot Mystic cat, to Camden On The Lake Resort-based happening. (Now, let’s hope we get Farnsworth to the light the sky with a turbine flame display.)

For a sneak peek at what’s on tap for Super Cat Fest 2017, check out the slideshow above.

Skaters, Skaters Everywhere
No stranger to the Lake of the Ozarks area, Jim Lee is bring 28- and 46-foot Skater catamarans, while Blake White is bringing 36- and 46-footers. Carl Wesley is bringing another 46-foot beauty and Matt Garland is bringing a 44-footer. On the 40-foot Skater side, you’ll find Vern Gilbert’s well-known rocket ship fresh from victory at the Texas Outlaw Challenge top-speed shootout, as well as a 40SS model owned by Elmer Morgan. And in Sam Jirik’s 318 catamaran, fans of contemporary outboard engine-powered Skater cats will find something rather lovely to ogle.

Of course, there’s much more including a breathtaking fleet of DCB Performance Boats catamarans and a least one Doug Wright—a 32-footer owned by Blaine Storts—coming to the celebration of catamaran greatness. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to this year’s Super Cat Fest. Speedonthewater.com will bring it all to you as the late-August weekend unfolds.

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