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Doug Harrell Designs Moves Into Mystic Powerboats

In May, Mystic Powerboats owner/founder John Cosker purchased a 25,000-square-foot facility literally across the parking lot from the company’s headquarters in DeLand, Fla. Cosker had plans for the space long before the deal closed, and among them was dedicating 12,000 square feet to bring paint operations, handled exclusively by Doug Harrell Designs in nearby Orange City, in house. Though 4,000 feet of that space remains to be completed, Harrell has moved his business into the structure, which currently boasts a 4,000-square-foot paint booth.

The exclusive paint shop for Mystic Powerboats, Doug Harrell Designs has relocated to the luxury performance center console and catamaran builder’s headquarters. Photo from the 2021 Florida Powerboat Club Orange Beach Powerboat Week by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

“It’s good for him and it’s good for us to have Doug here,” said Cosker. “It wasn’t very far to Orange City, but it did involve getting boats on trailer and transporting them to and from his place. Now, we can just roll them across the parking lot. We can show customers who visit their boats during the painting process. Doug can just walk across the parking lot to the conference room to sit with customers while they’re choosing colors.

“It’s huge for us,” he added. “We are happy to have Doug up here.”


Harrell is renting the facility from Mystic. While the painting the company’s luxury performance center consoles and catamarans consumes most of his time, he’s been able to pursue side projects such as the original paintwork for Killer Bee, a stunning 32-foot Doug Wright catamaran now competing as Phase 5 in offshore powerboat racing’s Super Stock class and—more recently—a 50-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran dubbed Kong. Harrell plans continue to paint boats beyond the Mystic line as time allows, and Cosker supports that plan.

“Yeah, I’ll keep doing the extracurricular stuff,” Harrell said. “I am going to be doing all of my spraying here.

“People used to come to my place to come check out their boats being painted,” he continued. “It was fine, but it’s not as nice as being here. If somebody pops in, now Mystic can give them an all-encompassing tour that includes paint.”

Harrell will continue to tackle graphics projects beyond the Mystic line.

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