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Don’t Miss Key West Worlds on NBC Sports this Weekend

Be sure to set your DVR or your alarm clock for this Saturday as NBC Sports is airing an hour-long TV special on the Super Boat International Key West World Championships, which took place in November in Key West, Fla. Scheduled for 12:30 p.m. EST, the show was put together by an eight-person film crew that produces several notable television shows, including the Bassmasters fishing tournaments and Timbersports lumberjack competitions.


The competitive Superboat class will be featured in Saturday’s NBC Sports coverage from Key West. Photo by Erick Bryner/Firedrill Productions

According to J.R. Noble, owner and driver of Team STIHL, the 38-foot Skater Powerboats catamran that finished fifth overall in the Superboat class in Key West, the show features some of the best offshore coverage he’s ever seen.

“I have seen the show and it is very well done—the production is excellent,” said Noble, adding that “the special is sponsored by STIHL and yours truly at BobKat Racing.” “This will get some real exposure for the sport. Some of the teams will have interviews, some will get on TV.”

For those with different cable/satellite providers, click this link for the NBC Sports page—just type in your zip code and it should show you the various providers.

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