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DCB Shows Strength in Numbers at Desert Storm

In every way possible, DCB Performance Boats significantly supported last week’s Desert Storm Poker Run event in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. That the annual performance-boat festival happens in the custom catamaran and V-bottom builder’s backyard—DCB’s facility in El Cajon, Calif., is a less-than-half-day drive from Desert Storm’s home base—makes backing the event a natural choice, as Lake Havasu is home water for so many DCB owners. Still, the company’s commitment and support for Desert Storm this year was the biggest it’s ever been and included:

• 18 boats hosting rides for the Krusin’ 4 Kids Program—more than half of the volunteer boats were DCB models.

• 13 boats in the Desert Storm Street Party—the most of any boat builder.

• 41 boats (out of 149) in the Desert Storm Poker Run—DCB creations comprised more than 25 percent of the total poker run fleet.

•13 boats in the Desert Storm Shootout—almost 30 percent of the entries in the 46-boat competition were built by DCB. Owned by John Chilton, the fastest DCB in the liquid-mile speed contest ran 162 mph. (In a recent comprehensive article on top-speed shootouts in the January/February issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine, Desert Storm organizer Jim Nichols stated that the speed contest wouldn’t be possible without financial backing and support from DCB.)

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DCB maintained a big presence during Desert Storm’s street party, poker run and top-speed shootout. All photos courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix and Jeff Helmkamp.

Among the new DCB models in the poker run was an M35 Widebody catamaran owned by Jose Garcia of Newport Beach (read the story). The boat reportedly reached 176 mph during the Friday event. Later that day, speedonthewater.com co-publisher Jason Johnson caught a 164-mph birthday ride (Johnson turned 38 years old) on the 35-footer piloted by DCB’s Tony Chiaramonte.

“As in every M35 ride I’ve taken, the boat handled the water smoothly and easily,” Johnson said. “It ate up the chop and wakes and accelerated tremendously thanks to its (Mercury Racing) 1350s. This was the fifth M35 I’ve ridden in and once again I was impressed by the boat’s performance and build quality. That boat was sweet—one really nice birthday ride.”

DCB owners showed up in force for Desert Storm last week—check out the slideshow above.

On Desert Storm’s charity side, DCB catamaran owners Brad Macaulay, Rob Blair, Dave Magoo, Preston Woolery and Win Farnsworth combined to contribute $50,000. The company also raised/donated more than $15,000 to pay all the expenses of Australian Tyren Edwards (read the story) and his family to travel to and from the event. DCB also stepped up its Desert Storm sponsorship level from Bronze to Silver, and was a primary sponsor of Saturday night’s River Dave’s Place party.

“We’re happy to be a part of it,” said the company’s Jeff Johnston. “We were there all week in force—so much so that we really have to hustle now that we’re back in the shop—to support our customers. The DCB family is a major part of Desert Storm every year, so we do everything we can to make the experience as good as it can be for everyone, not just for DCB owners but everyone who attends.”

Editor’s note: Look for a comprehensive feature on Desert Storm 2016 in the upcoming issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine, which will go live in two weeks.

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