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DCB Receives Deck Molds For M37R Catamaran

So excited is the team at DCB Performance Boats about its first outboard engine-powered true-tunnel catamaran—the anticipated M37R—that company president Jeff Johnston was out front when the deck molds arrived at the El Cajon, Calif., custom high-performance powerboat company on Thursday afternoon to take photos to share with media partners and on the company’s social media pages.

dcb m37 deckmold1

The deck molds for the new M37R from DCB arrived at the company’s facility on Thursday. Photos courtesy DCB

“Today was another huge step with the progress of our new M37R project, as we received the completed deck mold,” Johnston said. “The mold will be prepped and waxed one last time before gelcoat application next week—and then it’s on to the infusion process.”

As has been reported on speedonthewater.com, the new model is 37 feet 6 inches long with a running surface of 36 feet 2 inches and a 10-foot 6-inch beam. The cat features a 65-inch tunnel without DCB’s traditional center pod design, and the six-seat M37R features a four-person rear bench and twin bucket seats for the driver and co-pilot that are separated by a console for the throttles and shifters.

Check out the slideshow above for more images of the deck molds for the new 37-foot cat. 

According to Johnston, DCB is targeting to have the 37-footer on the water by late April or early May. Stay tuned to speedonthewater.com for more updates on the new build.

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