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DCB M41 Widebody Ready for Rigging

When the images popped into my inbox on Sunday evening, I was quite surprised to see the new M41 Widebody catamaran from Dave’s Custom Boats (DCB) in one piece and ready to move onto the next phase of construction.

Dave's Custom Boats' all-new M41 Widebody is ready to be rigged with twin turbocharged Mercury Racing 1350 engines.

Dave’s Custom Boats’ all-new M41 Widebody is ready to be rigged with twin turbocharged Mercury Racing 1350 engines.

But I was even more surprised when DCB’s Dave Hemmingson told me that the 41-foot catamaran weighed just 3,900 pounds between the bare hull, inner liner and fuel tanks. Hemmingson said the full epoxy/carbon boat weighs about the same as one of the El Cajon, Calif., company’s M35 Widebody models, adding that the 41-footer is “ridiculously strong.”

“This boat is amazing—the Class-A Surfacing is incredible,” Hemmingson said. “I mean every square inch of this boat is flawless. You can see reflections in the surface that you can’t imagine. It’s like I can’t believe a boat can be this straight.”

Hemmingson didn’t put a timetable on when the boat, which will be powered with Mercury Racing 1350s, will be finished, saying only that the goal is to get the boat perfect. He informed me that the second M41 Widebody will be going into the molds this week, and that the company is beginning construction of the M285 Widebody as well.

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DCB's new M41 Widebody is just about ready for its twin Mercury Racing 1350 power plants. The reflections in the deck of the new M41 Widebody from DCB appear to be pretty impressive. The new 41-foot catamaran is the Southern California builder's largest model to date.

Check speedonthewater.com for future updates on the progress of the M41 Widebody.

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