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DCB M41 to be Offered With or Without Center Pod

The largest model from Dave’s Custom Boats at 41-feet long with a 10’10” beam, the M41 Widebody catamaran will be offered with or without a center pod, according to Dave Hemmingson, the principal of the El Cajon, Calif., custom high-performance boat company. The 41-footer is slated to debut at the annual Desert Storm event in late April in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.


This CAD-generated Class-A Surface rendering shows the M41 with and without a center pod.

“Our precision tooling is designed to do a pod or non-pod boat, so it’s no big deal offering it both ways” said Hemmingson in a telephone interview this afternoon “The M41 has a giant tunnel that’s 66 inches wide and huge sponsons, so it will do really well with or without a pod. Both version are going to be phenomenal performers.”

Hemmingson said he expects to receive orders for the cat, which will go into full production in two to three months, in both versions.

“It’s really going to come down to personal preference,” he said. “We have our believers who absolutely love the center pod, and then there are guys who definitely prefer a non-pod boat. As I said, we designed our precision tooling to do either with no problem.”

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