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DCB M35 ‘Top Secret’ Catamaran Out

If current plans hold, longtime DCB Performance Boats owner Shawn Gibson and the El Cajon, Calif., custom catamaran company’s Tony Chiaramonte will run Gibson’s new DCB M35 Widebody catamaran today on Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma. Dubbed Top Secret and delivered yesterday, the 35-footer is powered by twin dual-calibration Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines.

dcbm35gibson 01

Shawn Gibson’s latest DCB M35 Widebody catamaran could be his all-time favorite. 

For Gibson, the new cat is his second DCB M35 with the adjustable power package, but this time he ordered the boat with a switchable, dual-fuel four-tank fuel system. The boat has two tanks, one for the 112-octane fuel required for running in the engines in 1,550-hp model and another for the 91-octance fuel required for running them in 1,350-hp mode, on each side.

“I sold my last M35 after the Lake Powell Challenge last year—I’m one of the sponsors of the event—and it when it was over I got out of the boat and left it there,” said Gibson. “I buy a new DCB every two years.

“This was a phenomenal build,” he continued. “The guys at DCB outdid themselves. We lightened it up quite a bit—I think they took 600 to 800 pounds out of it—and we changed up a lot of things, like the fuel tanks, on it. We got the new dash with the larger GPS screens, and we tricked out the (all-Alcantara) interior on. And the engine compartment is tricked out to the max. Adrenaline did the trailer, and there’s nothing like it out there. We’re excited about it. A lot of time and a lot of communication went into this one.”

For a closer look at Top Secret, check out the slideshow above.

While Gibson won’t have the opportunity to showcase his new beauty—with Chiaramonte at the helm—locally in the GLOC Performance Boat Challenge Shootout as the July top-speed event has been cancelled this year, he does plan to bring it to the late-August Lake of the Ozarks Shootout event in Central Missouri.

“It will be at several events this year,” said Gibson. “Tony will run the boat in the Shootout, I think. We have three sets of (Mercury Racing) custom-cut propellers we’re going to try between now and then. The boat is named Top Secret, and the name is even engraved on the props.”

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