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DCB Dials In Two Beauties On Lake Havasu Today

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With triple Mercury Racing 400R outboard engines providing the power, this DCB M29 catamaran hit 131 mph on Lake Havasu today.

Back home in California from their recent trip to the Miami International Boat Show, which closed Monday afternoon, Tony Chiaramonte and Jeff Johnston of DCB Performance Boats in El Cajon, Calif., haven’t missed a beat. Earlier today, Chiaramonte completed the dial-in/testing of a couple of Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engine-powered catamarans to impressive top speeds on Lake Havasu in Arizona.

With twin Verado 400R engines turning 6,969 rpm, a DCB F26 cat reached 129 mph. The 26-footer reportedly weighs 4,950 pounds and is the company’s first 26-footer with twin 400R outboards. (A second F26 with twin Verados was completed in January at DCB.)

“It’s the fastest F26 we’ve ever built,” said Chiaramonte. “And with only 800 hp—on pump gas—and a three-year factory warranty.”

For a look at today’s F26 and M29 dial-in sessions on Lake Havasu, check out the slideshow above.

With triple 400Rs providing the power, Chiaramonte was able to coax an M29 cat to 131 mph with the engines turning 7,040 rpm. The boat weighs 6,400 pounds.

“Tony got up at 2:45 this morning to make this happen,” Johnston said. “He ran both boats this afternoon. The triple-engine M29 cat has been delivered to its owner. A prospective buyer is actually looking at the twin-engine F26 boat, which is an inventory model right now. But as of this moment, the F26 is still for sale.”

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