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DCB Delivers Third M41 Widebody with Mercury Racing 1350s

According to Tony Chiaramonte of DCB Performance Boats, who catching a flight home this afternoon from Portland, Ore., to San Diego, Calif., with DCB founder Dave Hemmingson, the delivery of the El Cajon, Calif., company’s third M41 Widebody catamaran to an ecstatic couple from Vancouver, Wash., went very smooth.

dcb3m41 delivery driveway

The third DCB M41 Widebody left the company’s shop in Southern California for delivery this week to its new owners in Vancouver, Wash.

Chiaramonte and Hemmingson spent all day Monday and the early part of Tuesday walking the first-time DCB customers through the 41-footer while on the trailer and from the docks of their home on the Columbia River, which serves as the border between Oregon and Washington, and of course running the boat up and down the largest river in the Pacific Northwest.

“Everything with this boat is perfect,” said Chiaramonte, who enjoyed boating for the first time on the Columbia River. “The boat runs so nice and the owner is really getting the feel for it—he’s extremely happy with it. We had it running 155 mph easily today with a set of 38”-pitch props. It accelerates very hard.”

Featuring stellar silver, blue, black and white gelcoat graphics and an interior that is just as stunning, if not more, the boat is powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 1350 engines. And Chiaramonte said it’s the best M41 performance-wise out of the box thanks to some driveline and weight distribution adjustments they’ve made after dialing in the first two cats.

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Check out the slideshow above for more detail shots of the M41 Widebody as well as images from yesterday’s delivery.

“It’s probably the cleanest, classiest M41, too, but that’s our goal—to keep getting better with each boat,” said Chiaramonte, who water tested the boat in San Diego before it left for Washington. “It’s such a nice piece. We’re hoping they bring it down to Lake Havasu for the 25th Anniversary DCB Regatta at the end of September.”

Surely the rest of the DCB family and friends are going to want a glimpse of the 41-footer as well at the company’s annual regatta on Sept. 25-27 in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Loaded with options such as a trio of Raymarine chart plotters, an impressive stereo system and beautiful white and gray interior with blue and black trim, the M41 is a showpiece that definitely deserves the attention.

DCB is expecting to start production on its fourth 41-footer at the end of the year.

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