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DCB Delivers Spectacular M33R Widebody To Arizona Customer

For longtime DCB Performance Boats customers Brad and Pattie Benson, the decision to purchase a new M33R Widebody catamaran was a pretty easy one. That doesn’t mean the Lake Havasu Ariz.-based couple didn’t look around at other options—they did. They just came back to the El Cajon, Calif., builder that has treated them well over the years.

dcbm33r benson1

Longtime DCB customer Brad Benson is overjoyed with this new M33R Widebody catamaran he took delivery of last week. Photos courtesy DCB Performance Boats

And, as expected, the Bensons, who took delivery of Whacked Out, a blue, black, white and gray 33-foot catamaran powered by twin Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines, last Friday, are overjoyed with their decision.

“I took possession of the boat last week and we went out and proceeded to do some prop testing on Friday in 40-mph winds,” said Brad Benson, who previously owned a DCB M29 with Verado 400R engines and a DCB Mach 26 open bow walkthrough with a single 900-hp engine. “It wasn’t the best day to play around with propellers but it did show me how capable the M33R is in rough water. The boat swallowed up the swells and it cruised across everything at 60 mph. We had it up above 90 mph but we weren’t trying to run it hard.”

Benson said he had the honor of being the first customer to get to demo the M33R with DCB’s Tony Chiaramonte at the helm back in April before the Lake Havasu Boat Show. He ordered one about a month later and six months later he took delivery of the sporty 33-footer—the fourth M33R to leave the DCB factory.

Check out the slideshow above for more images of the latest DCB M33R Widebody.

“I loved my M29, but the new boat is a totally different animal,” Benson said. “The M33R is more balanced and it just rolls up on plane with ease. It turns so easily and tracks perfectly.

“The boys at DCB did a great job with this one; they follow instructions well,” he continued and laughed. “We’re really happy with our decision. We couldn’t be happier actually. The boat is beautiful—it’s like art on the water. The whole process was smooth. Tony, Jeff (Johnston), Paul (Miller) and everyone there are so easy to work with. Once the boat was in Deron Rettke’s hands for rigging, he and I talked a lot. I’m a techie guy and so is Deron, and I think he scratched every damn itch he could scratch with this thing.”

Benson concluded by adding that Rettke surprised him as well as Chiaramonte and Johnston when they opened the glove box and found wireless phone chargers.

“Even the boys didn’t know about that one,” Benson said. “Deron did some trick stuff with this boat. The lighting is incredible.”

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