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DCB Delivers First Open-Bow M37R Catamaran To South Carolina Client

Unlikely as it may seem, South Carolina’s Hartwell Lake is becoming a hotspot for owners of DCB Performance Boats catamarans, which are built across the country in Southern California. The inland waterway with more than 950 miles of shoreline is home-water to DCB M33R Widebody owners Scott and Monica James, for example, and in June South Florida’s Greg Harris and Yvonne Aleman brought their M37R Widebody to the Hartwell Lake Poker Run.

The first open-bow DCB M37R Widebody catamaran was delivered to a South Carolina client last Friday.

And now, thanks to Randall Walker, the lake has an M37R—the first to be built with an open bow—of its own. Walker and his wife, Danielle, took delivery of the twin Mercury Racing 450R outboard engine-powered catamaran last Friday. And they ran it the following day with their children ages three, seven and 11.

“That’s why we ordered the open bow, for the kids,” said Randall Walker, who will keep the cat on a lift behind his second home at the lake this summer before bringing it back to his main home in the Piedmont, S.C., area, where he built a climate-controlled storage facility for it. (He also built the structure to house his exotic automobile collection.)

Said Walker, “That’s why we ordered the open bow, for the kids,”

Walker ordered the 37-footer—hull No. 13—in February 2021. A boating enthusiast since he was a teenager, he’s own models from Southern California-based builders Eliminator Boats and Nordic Boats.

“I had been hearing about DCBs forever, the quality of them, and there are several here on the lake,” he said. “Tony Chiaramonte at DCB was really patient with me. I started by ordering an M28R, and then added a deposit and went to an M33R. Then I asked, ‘Well, how much more would it be to go to an M37R?’ and added more deposit—this all happened in a three-day period.

“And I was glad I did,” he added.

With his wife and children on board Saturday, Walker took it easy in the cat. With everyone in the cockpit, he ran it to a comfortable 90-plus mph. The boat’s ride quality impressed him.

“It drives super,” Walker said. “It’s a lot wider than what I’ve had before. It takes the waves better. It feels super stable.

“And we watched fireworks over the lake in it on Saturday night,” he added.

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Check out the slideshow above for more images of the latest DCB M37R Widebody delivered.

But as often is the case for DCB owners, the build process and customer service experiences were as impressive to Walker as the performance and construction quality of his new ride. Throughout the build, DCB’s Chiaramonte stayed in touch the owner and updated him with photos of the 37-footer as it progressed.

“It was the best experience I’ve ever had with a boat builder,” Walker said. “People talk about Tony and Jeff (Johnston) at DCB being the best to deal with all the time, and that they become your friends. By the end of the build process, that happened.

“I think they nailed it,” he continued. “This boat is more than I expected.”

In a new structure built by Randall Walker, the new 37-foot cat is right at home with a fleet of exotic automobiles.

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