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DCB Delivers Big-Power M35 Widebody Cat With Custom Bustle

With most creations coming out of DCB Performance Boats sporting outboard engines on their transoms, sterndrive-engine builds are fewer and farther between from the El Cajon, Calif., company. But they still happen in fine style, as witnessed by yesterday’s delivery of a new M35 Widebody catamaran to owners Matt and Erin Dearing in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., who hail from the Pacific Northwest but have a home in the high-performance powerboating hotbed fed by the Colorado River.

Powered by Mercury Racing 1100 engines, this new M35 Widebody catamaran is the first DCB owned by Matt and Erin Dearing.

The 35-footer is powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 1100 engines. The owners plan to run it mostly on Lake Havasu, and they took delivery just in time to enjoy the upcoming Desert Storm Poker Run and Super Cat Fest West events.

“That M35 catamaran, Mercury Racing 1100 engine-package is hard to beat,” said Tony Chiaramonte, the vice president of DCB, who delivered the boat yesterday. “Matt had a Nordic before—this is his first DCB and he’s a very conservative driver, which is great. He only ran it to about 110 mph and he’s taking the Tres Martin Performance Boat School class this week.

The 35-footer has a unique swim platform.

“He loved the boat,” he added. “And it ran great. He has a bunch of friends coming in this week.”

The Dearings ordered the 35-footer, which will top out at approximately 150 mph, with a unique bustle configuration that. According to DCB president Jeff Johnston, the alterations make the swim platform more user friendly for swimmers entering and exiting the water.

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Typical for a DCB creation, the catamaran’s fit and finish were executed at the highest level.

“This is the first M35 that we have done with a customized rear bustle,” Johnston explained. “We basically retooled and flattened it out to give them a two-foot-by-eight-foot swim platform for ease getting in and out of the water.”

Added Chiaramonte, “It came out even better than I thought it would. It’s very functional. The whole package is very, very functional. I know the owners are going to have a lot of fun with it.”

Matt Dearing spent yesterday getting acquainted with his new prize.

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