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Day’s Boat Sales Delivers SMD-Painted Fountain 34 Sport Console

Longtime boaters who recently decided to dip their feet back in the water after purchasing a second home in Florida seven years ago, Doug and Anne Duell of Evansville, Ind., couldn’t be more excited about their first center console performance boat—a Fountain Powerboats 34 Sport Console that they took delivery of at the end of last week. Purchased through Day’s Boat Sales in Frankfort, Ky., and painted by Stephen Miles Design in Owensboro, Ky., the 34-footer featuring triple Mercury Marine Verado 300 outboard engines for power was delivered by Day’s Boat Sales owner Bill Day at Cortez Cove Marina, a new Fountain dealer in Cortez, Fla.

Thanks to Day’s Boat Sales, Doug and Anne Duell of Indiana took delivery of a new Fountain Powerboats 34 Sport Console powered by Mercury Marine Verado 300 engines and painted by Stephen Miles Design. Photos courtesy Bill Day and Doug Duell

“I love it when a delivery comes together flawlessly; because it doesn’t happen like that all the time,” said Day with a laugh. “Overall the build and the delivery of Doug and Anne’s new boat was a great experience for everyone. We became good friends in the process—at I think we did.”

Day laughed again and added that everyone at Cortez Cove Marina was extremely hospitable during the delivery process. Doug Duell agreed.

“It was nice of Bill to arrange to have the boat brought down to Florida,” Duell said. “We spent two days riding around on the boat and learning how to operate everything. The crew from Cortez Cove Marina was very helpful as well. We’re very happy with the experience and customer service that Bill provided to us throughout the process.

“You know, it’s just a really cool boat,” he added. “I still have a lot to learn but so far, so good. It was pretty windy and rough when we took it out the first day. I wouldn’t say it was ‘super rough’ but it was sporty, and the boat performed awesome. I was really impressed with it. The boat is amazing—I can’t thank Bill and Stephen and the team at Fountain enough.”

Duell, who said he owned a Formula Boats model some 30 years ago and loved it, which is why he purchased a sterndrive-powered 29-foot Formula in 2015 and a twin Mercury Marine Verado 350-powered Formula 310 Bowrider model a few years later, ended up connecting with Day through Kentucky painter Stephen Miles.

An automobile dealer and an NHRA drag racer with the DLDMotorsports team, which consists of the DragnWagn ’64 Plymouth Wagon, the ATI Cuda ’69 Barracuda and a new-for-this-season 2015 Drag Pak Challenger, Duell originally met Miles when he had Miles paint one of his drag cars about 10 years ago.

“Last year my wife and I went to the Miami International Boat Show and looked at six or seven boats we had on our ‘shopping list’ and we fell in love with the Fountains,” Duell said. “Randomly one of those Facebook memory things popped up and it was from when Stephen painted my racecar. Of course I’d seen all of the work he’s been doing on boats so I sent him a text asking if he ever paints Fountains.”

Miles told Duell that he’d painted one new Fountain and some used ones, but that he had a new one on the schedule since Bill Day had ordered a 34-footer and wanted Miles to paint it.

Duell let Miles know that was the exact boat he was interested in so Miles put him in touch with Day and the rest was history.

“Stephen told me he wasn’t sure if the boat had been sold so I called Bill and he was wonderful to deal with,” Duell explained. “He walked me through ordering the boat and we got it exactly the way we wanted it. Anne was very much involved in picking out colors and some of the other equipment options on the boat.”

Duell said the SMD paintjob is flawless and that the 34-footer is loaded with all the bells and whistles that Fountain includes with its Sport Console package. He also called the power package “perfect.”

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Check out the slideshow above for more images of the new Fountain 34 Sport Console.

“Obviously I like to drag race and I like fast cars and such, but for a boat, I treated it a little bit more like a big motorcycle, where it’s more about the cruise than it is about top speed,” Duell said. “So I did a lot of research on the Verado 300 motors and I was really impressed with what I read. The No. 1 thing—and I know you shouldn’t buy a boat if you’re worried about fuel economy, but you can save a little money on fuel—is that that the fuel burn rate is relatively efficient.

“And the dang things are extremely torquey,” he continued. “The boat gets out of the water and on plane almost immediately. I wanted something that I could run around 40 to 50 mph without its tongue hanging out, you know, power wise, and this boat certainly can handle that. Bill and his guys had it up to 70 mph; I reached 64 mph just playing around with it. Here’s my other philosophy regarding the power. On a boat like this, if you want to put 450s across the back that’s great to go 90 mph or whatever it is. But you know what? That’s only fun for the driver. For everyone else it feels like they’re standing up in a pickup truck going down the freeway.”

Duell, who added that pictures of the boat are beautiful but don’t do it justice, said he can’t wait to start using the 34 Sport Console with his wife and their family and friends.

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