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D’Anniballe/Sterling Skater Project Update: Engines Headed to Sterling


The twin 1, 500-hp supercharged Sterling Performance engines in a 36-foot Skater catamaran recently purchased by Sterling principal Mike D’Anniballe, will be removed today or tomorrow and shipped to the engine company’s headquarters in Milford, Mich., sometime next week. That’s the word from John Tomlinson of TNT Custom Marine, the Miami-based outfit that is handling the removal of the existing engines and the installation of the 1,700-hp turbocharged Sterling powerplants that will be based on the existing 557-cubic-inch platforms.

“We will be changing out the camshaft, going with a different compression ratio and adding components such as piston oilers before the engines are completely redressed in the turbo package,” said D’Anniballe, who plans to use the cat to showcase the 1700s at high-profile events such as Desert Storm next season.


Like the first set of turobcharged Sterling 1700 engines, the second pair will based on 557-cubic-inch platforms.

D’Anniballe estimated that the engine transformation will take approximately two months.

“We could do it faster, but our first priority is doing the work that pays the bills around here,” he said, and laughed.

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