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Curtis Runs Hurry Up Outerlimits To 185 MPH In 1550 Mode

Although Washington-based performance boater Jason Moe wasn’t able to be in Florida on Wednesday for one of the first days where Offshore Racing Services principal Steve Curtis started stretching out Hurry Up, his family’s astounding Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats SC 46 catamaran powered by Mercury Racing dual-calibration 1550/1350 engines, Moe was still ecstatic to see what the boat was capable of in both turbocharged power outputs.


Steve Curtis and Billy Moore ran the new Outerlimits 46-foot cat up to 185 mph on Wednesday with the boat’s dual-calibration Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines in 1,550-hp mode. Photo by Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

According to Moe and Curtis, the canopied 46-footer that features a gorgeous Stephen Miles Design paintjob reached an impressive 185-mph on Florida’s Lake Monroe with the engines in 1,550-hp mode on 112-plus-octane race fuel with 16.5″ x 38″-pitch x 12-degree-rake Mercury Racing propellers.

“Steve said he thinks it should run faster than 190 mph with some different propellers,” Moe said. “I am so happy with the boat. Outerlimits did an incredible job. It’s hard to even put it into words.”

Curtis, who throttled the boat with his friend and fellow offshore racer Billy Moore on the wheel, said he was very happy with the boat’s performance considering it was the first real test in the 46-foot cat following its debut at the Miami International Boat Show last month.

“There’s more in it for sure; we need to try different props and do some spacer work to play with the X dimension a little,” Curtis said. “Overall the boat feels great. Considering that was our first real test, we were happy with the speed in both modes. The boat is a beast. I mean out of box it runs extremely well on pump gas in 1350 mode. It doesn’t even really need 1550 mode—and I don’t know how much Jason will even use that setting—but it’s one of those things where it’s nice to know what the boat is capable of running.”

Beyond the performance, Curtis complemented the boat as a whole.

“The boat is beautiful,” Curtis said. “Outerlimits did an incredible job building it and with the interior. The finish work is amazing and the Stephen Miles paintjob is outstanding. I love the colors Jason and Laurie selected. The boat is a work of art and it has everything you could want between the huge stereo and electronics to the generation and air conditioning and heater.”

In conclusion, Curtis, who has as much or more seat time in boats that run close to or faster than 200 mph than anyone in the sport, said it’s really about having fun.

“It’s nice to know how fast Hurry Up will go, but for the Moe family it’s all about having fun and having one of the biggest, baddest boats around,” he added.

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