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Crypto Outerlimits Finds New Home Out West

According to Southern California performance boat enthusiast Kenny Gonzales everything aligned just right for him to acquire one of the coolest Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats V-bottoms ever built—the one-and-only Crypto, a canopied SV 43 that was finished in late 2018 and listed for sale immediately thereafter as its owner, Canada’s Patrick Higgins, died before he could see its completion.

Kenny and Montana Gonzales are the proud new owners of the incredible Crypto Outerlimits. Photos courtesy/copyright Halsey Fulton

Gonzales, who most recently owned the DCB Performance Boats M41 Widebody named Perfect Pair, can’t wait to get his hands on the all-carbon-fiber 43-footer, which is powered by twin Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines, and get a chance to drive it. He’s expecting to do that in a couple of weeks and he promised to report back to speedonthewater.com to provide his thoughts on that.

“I followed the Crypto build a couple of years ago and I thought it was such a cool boat,” said Gonzales, adding that his wife, Montana, is always his co-captain. “I especially liked the tribute Patrick did to recognize (Outerlimits founder) Mike Fiore under the hatch and I think the crypto currency concept was a cool idea. I like the name and, of course, it’s my colors.”

From what he’s seen in pictures, Gonzales described the paintjob, which was handled by Stephen Miles Design in Kentucky, as extremely detailed.

Check out the slideshow above for more images of Crypto and the matching SportChassis that hauls the V-bottom.

“We’re very excited about the boat—we’re looking forward to doing more ocean boating in it,” said Gonzales, who also purchased the customized SportChassis Freightliner hauler that SMD painted to match the boat. “To be honest, I am worried about one thing. I’m a big guy; I’m 6-foot-4 and almost 300 pounds so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get into the cockpit OK through the little enclosure opening. We’ve been ready for something different, and this boat is about as different as it gets for Lake Havasu.”

Gonzales does a majority of his boating on the popular lake that borders Arizona and California as well as on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma, the state in which he grew up before moving to Southern California at age 10 with his mother. He also plans to travel a little bit with the boat and try some different poker runs.

Although he hasn’t ever owned an Outerlimits, Gonzales has ridden in them before and has been impressed.

“They’re great boats,” he said. “And so far everyone I’ve interacted with at Outerlimits has been great to work with. I’ve even heard from some other Outerlimits owners who reached out to congratulate me, which was nice.”

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