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Crockett Cranking


Can you imagine putting a 2,000-hp engine in a 26-footer and running it for top speed on a liquid-mile course? I confess, I can’t—and don’t even want to. But then, I am not the engine-building dynamo, offshore racer and boundless ball of energy that is Tyler Crocket, the namesake and of Crockett Marine Engines in Ruby, Mich. If all goes to the 51-year-old Crockett’s plan, a 2,000-hp supercharged engine of his own making will go into his 26-foot-long Joker V-bottom for the 2014 Shootout.

Last year, he ran the boat with one of his 975-hp engines to 96 mph in the Shootout. “It handled really good,” he said. “I think we’ll get the 2,000-hp engine in there this year.”

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