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Crockett A Shootout Scratch, Parveys Still Coming With ‘New’ Power

There is good news and bad for fans of two of the most popular open-cockpit V-bottom teams in the 34-year history of the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, which is set for August 27-28 on the Central Missouri waterway.

After a four-year absence, Dennis and Jason Parvey are returning to Lake of the Ozarks Shootout action. Photos by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

First the good: After being forced to cancel the last several years for various reasons, the father-and-son duo of Dennis and Jason Parvey are still coming to compete with their 43-foot Black Thunder powered by twin turbocharged engines of their own creation producing north of 2,000 hp per side. They’ll be going head to head in their class with Jim Schultz and Mike Faucher of the Factory Billet team.

“We’re finally ready to make some passes with the new turbo motors—‘new’ meaning the same setup we started working on years ago,” Jason Parvey said, then chuckled. “The drive rebuilds from Factory Billet are working well and we have sorted out all of the transmission bugs.”

Tyler Crockett was hoping to hit the 140-mph mark on the three-quarter-mile Shootout course next weekend, but parts supply issues will keep him sidelined until 2023.

Now the bad: Michigan madman Tyler Crockett won’t be able to have his 26-foot Joker ready in time for the competition. Supply chain issues with key components for the boat’s 3,000-plus-hp engine are the culprit.

“Parts are crazy right now,” Crockett said. “Crankshafts are 26 weeks out right now and rods are 16 weeks out.”

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