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Coveted Lip-Ship Cigarette 42X To Ride Again In Southwest Florida

Tucked into a small corner next to TNT Custom Marine in North Miami, Lip-Ship Performance is Cigarette Racing Team’s longest-standing domestic dealer. Company founder and president Phil Lipschutz—one of the most colorful and beloved characters in the high-performance powerboat world—has been selling Cigarette sportboats for more than 30 years. His customized, Lip-Ship Edition V-bottoms are cherished among those faithful to the brand.

Bill Forenski will showcase his latest Cigarette acquisition next month during the Roar Offshore Fun Run in Southwest Florida.

Bill Forenski is among the Cigarette faithful. The owner of WMF Watercraft and Marine, a Delaware-based Mercury Marine/Mercury Racing, Yamaha outboard engine and multi-brand pontoon boat dealership, Forenski has owned seven Cigarette models. But in acquiring a 2010 Lip-Ship Edition Cigarette 42X powered by Mercury Racing 700 SCi engines with Stage 1 supercharger kits, he could have his best one yet. With the exception of its dated electronics soon to be replaced with new Garmin products, the 42-footer, which was stored in a warehouse by its Delaware-based owner, is immaculate.

“For years, the guy who owned it wouldn’t sell it,” said Forenski, who has a second home in Southwest Florida. “When I told Phil, who is a good friend of mine, he was willing to sell it to me he said, Dude, buy it.” Phil had also tried to buy it but the owner wouldn’t sell.”

Beyond replacing electronics and having Daryl Hameetman of HRE Racing Engines in Cape Coral, Fla., go through the boat’s 700-hp mills, Forenski has no intention of upgrading the boat as he did with his since-sold Cigarette 39 Top Gun Unlimited called Unlimited Patience. However, he did have Next Level Detailing in Fort Myers, Fla., clean up the boat’s paintwork with a ceramics application.

“I’m not going to modify this boat,” he said. “I’m just going to enjoy it.”

Stored in a warehouse, the 10-year-old beauty is in fine condition.

The 42-footer will debut at the Roar Offshore Poker Run in the Fort Myers area next month. Forenski’s WMF Watercraft and Marine dealership is among the event’s sponsors.

With his 39-footer long gone and his only remaining Cigarette a 2000 model-year 20-foot Baby Gun after the sale, Forenski said he’s glad to be getting back in a full-size offshore V-bottom.

“I was thinking about getting a cat but went with what I know, V-bottom Cigarettes,” he said. “I’m looking forward to running the 42X. I’ve heard it’s the best model Cigarette ever built.”

Forenski’s other Cigarette is a 20-footer built 20 years ago.

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