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Countdown To Miami 2022: ‘Mad Props’ DCB M37R No. 9 Dazzles South Florida Owners

No strangers to the high-performance powerboating world, Floridians Greg Harris and Yvonne Aleman rightly expected the very best from their new DCB Performance Boats M37R Widebody catamaran, which they ran in Arizona last weekend. And from build quality to performance, the new 37-footer powered by twin Mercury Racing 450R engines, blew them out of the Lake Havasu water.

From its first sea trial last weekend, the new DCB M37R Widebody owned by Greg Harris and Yvonne Aleman is heading to the Miami International Boat Show next month.

“If I had enough money, I would order another and hang this one on the wall,” Harris said.

As they did with their last three boats—two cats and one V-bottom—they called the cat Mad Props.

 “It’s a work of art,” Aleman said. “Honestly, when you build a new boat like this you work with the builder as a team, you design things as a team. But when it comes together and you see it for the first time and it’s better than you expect? It’s an amazing feeling.”

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As with every catamaran DCB builds, the devil is in the exquisite details of Mad Props.

That’s a particularly good thing, and not just for the South Florida couple as the El Cajon, Calif., company will showcase the cat at the Miami International Boat Show next month. As previously reported on speedonthewater.com, the boat will be at the Mercury Racing docks in Sea Isle Marina and Yachting Center throughout the event, which runs February 16-20. DCB hasn’t exhibited at the show for eight years.

Aleman and Harris arrived in Lake Havasu City last Thursday. DCB’s Tony Chiaramonte and Jeff Johnston delivered the boat to them the following morning, and spent a couple of hours going through it with the couple before putting it on the water in what began as glassy conditions for a lunch run to Havasu Springs but ended up—thanks to strong winds—as two- to three-foot chop. As is their boating custom, Aleman drove and Harris, who described the conditions as “pretty sporty,” handled the throttles.

Aleman and Harris enjoyed a couple of hours of running time in their new beauty.

“I could feel the wind at the steering wheel and see it on the water, but the boat was super-solid and very comfortable,” Aleman said. “It felt very natural. We don’t get those kinds of winds at home, but we do get those conditions. It’s going to be perfect for the type of conditions we usually run in. Whenever we can, we like to run outside in the ocean, and we plan to run it every weekend.”

Before the M37R arrives in Miami for the boat show, it has another stop to make. But Harris and Aleman, who flew home from Las Vegas yesterday, are keeping specifics under wraps.

“We knew DCB would build us a ’10,’” Harris said. “But then you show up and it’s an ’11.’ I can’t wait to get in home and run it on our own water.”

Added Johnston, “We’re thrilled to show the latest M37R in Miami this year. And we couldn’t have better South Florida representatives than Yvonne and Greg.”

The son of DCB president Jeff Johnston, Dylan Johnston, enjoyed the delivery as much as anyone involved.

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