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Countdown To Miami 2022: Hardin Going With Biggest-Ever Display

Among the first exhibits that will greet visitors to the Miami International Boat Show next month, the massive, product-packed Hardin Marine display trailer will be stationed in front of the renovated Miami Convention Center during the entire four-day event. According to a press release from the Palm Coast, Fla.-based company, this year’s Miami Boat Show display will be the most extensive in Hardin Marine history.

Captured here during the 2020 Miami International Boat Show at its previous Virginia Key location, the Hardin Marine display will be bigger and better than ever. Photo copyright speedonthewater.com.

The Hardin Marine exhibit will include everything from new ergonomic steering wheels and a colorful billet hardware line to a new “performance drivetrain solution,” according to the release. But Hardin also will be featuring “technologically driven products, as well as those designed to update already existing products.”

Hardin representative Cesar Rivera provided an overview of what consumers can expect in the exhibit.

“Connectivity and electronic operations—and monitoring those operations—have exploded,” he said. “Not only are we bringing new products for today’s latest boat offerings, we’ve worked hard to bring connectivity and today’s digital technology to the older analog generation of boating technology.”

“The boating products offered to all new boaters today are extraordinary and being able to enhance those as well as tie the market segments together is huge for us and our customers,” he added.

Among the other products notable products showcased in the Hardin Marine display will be its third-generation Performance Trim tabs with stainless steel rams, shock-absorbing pivot connections and integrated sender technology. The latest Bluewater push-button switch system technology also will be prominent in the exhibit.

“No other manufacturer in the industry offers this technology to date,” said Rivera. 

Throughout the show, representatives from CP Performance, Marine Design, Bluewater and more will be on hand at the Hardin Marine display to answer specific question on their products.

The Hardin Marine exhibit at the upcoming Miami International Boat Show is slated to be even more extensive than usual.

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