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Countdown to Key West: Snowy Mountain Brewery In

Out of Super Boat International offshore racing competition since it received “parity restrictions” earlier this season, Snowy Mountain Brewery, an Outerlimits SV 29 V-bottom that competes in the Superboat Vee class, is registered and will race next month in the 2014 SBI Key West Offshore World Championships. Reached via telephone this morning, Michael “Doc” Janssen, the team’s owner and driver, confirmed that the 29-footer will compete in the Key West, Fla. event.

snowy outerlimits freezeframe

Snowy Mountain Brewery, which hasn’t competed in an offshore race since it was given parity restrictions, won’t race in Sarasota next weekend. Photo courtesy/copyright Jeff Gerardi/Freeze Frame Video

“We are committed to being there,” said Janssen.

Beyond confirming his team’s participation in Key West, Janssen, who raced in the twin-engine Superboat Extreme V-bottom class before joining the single-engine Superboat Vee class, declined to elaborate on racing strategies and plans for the event.

Snowy Mountain Brewery
took the Superboat Vee-class World title in 2012 and 2013 and has won every race but one since it entered the sport three years ago. The team took first place in the first race of the 2014 season in Charlotte Harbor, Fla., before the sanctioning body issued parity restrictions (read the story), most notably a post-race minimum weight of 5,000 pounds. The 29-footer has not raced on the SBI circuit since the restrictions were imposed by the organization.

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