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Countdown to Key West: Second Outerlimits 46 SC Cat to Debut

When it comes to the Florida Powerboat Club‘s annual Key West Poker, Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats never fails to have a strong showing courtesy of its loyal customers. This year, fans of Bristol, R.I., company’s custom performance-boat creations will get their first look at the company’s second 46 SC catamaran. Buddy Thomas, a longtime Outerlimits client who lives in Massachusetts, owns the 46-footer powered by a pair of Chief engines. The boat is called All Set, and Thomas and the Outerlimits crew are keeping the boat under wraps until the poker run fleet heads south from Miami.


Want to see more of the second Outerlimits 46 SC catamaran? Head to Key West next week—or check back to speedonthewater.com.

Of course, with the exception of the 50-foot Gold Digger catamaran owned by David and Jenny Landsman of Maryland, the balance of the Outerlimits poker run fleet will be made up of V-bottoms from 39 to 52 feet. Among those boats will be Joe Sgro’s kilo-record-setting SV 43.

Dan Kleitz, the company’s operations manager, will represent the builder in a lower profile SL 52 V-bottom appropriately dubbed Outerlimits. On the racecourse during next week’s Super Boat International Offshore World Championship, two-time world champion Snowy Mountain Brewery—an SV 29 bottom—will represent the company. Sgro’s SV 43 raceboat will not compete in the event.

“There’s no class for it to run in,” explained Kleiz. “They eliminated our class.”

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