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Commentary: What Will The Miami Boat Show Poker Run Be Called Next Year?

Right now, Stu Jones is sitting pretty with 160 boats registered for his Key West Poker Run November 11-15. That’s a good thing for the Florida Powerboat Club head, whose event production-based business has endured a nightmarish year thanks to COVID-19. The Florida Powerboat Club is, after all, a business and it could use a strong finish to a tough season.

Despite the cancellation of the 2021 Miami International Boat Show, next year’s Florida Powerboat Club Miami Boat Show Poker Run is keeping its name. Photo from the 2020 Miami Boat Show Poker Run by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Being a planner for a living, Jones already has his 2021 poker-run season schedule set. The only question that remains for him now—beyond what havoc the pandemic might wreak on his business next year—is what to call the February 18-21 Miami Boat Show Poker Run now that the 2021 Miami International Boat Show is cancelled.

Just for fun, Jones asked for potential new names for the longstanding event, which traditionally happens the weekend after the show closes, in a thread on the Speedonthewater Friends Facebook page. And he got a few gems, including the “Runnin’ From The Rona Poker Run,” the “COVID Blows Poker Run,” the “Florida Freedom Run” and the “Getting’ Stu’d With Stu Poker Run.”

 But my personal favorite—courtesy of Cigarette owner Glenn Wilson—was the “No-Show Miami Poker Run.” Jones liked it, too.

“I thought that was catchy,” he said, then laughed.

And the winner is? The Miami Boat Show Poker Run. Jones is sticking with the original name.

“I’m just going to leave it alone call it what it is,” he said, then chuckled again. “The event in itself will become the Miami boat show next year.”

Though he declined to provide specifics, Jones said he expects the 2021 Miami Boat Show Poker Run to see the best turnout it’s had in years.

“Two of our biggest events, the Key West Poker Run and Miami Boat Show Poker Run, are based around major boating events,” he said. “But we are running standalone in Key West this year (with the Race World Offshore Key West Championships cancelled) and in Miami next year. And I still expect both to have major participation.”

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