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Commentary: Teal Is The New Black

By the end of the 1990s, high-performance powerboat builders were pretty much done will teal in their exterior and interior graphics packages. But in the four of five years prior, they couldn’t get enough of it. From gauge bezels to hullside stripes, teal was everywhere.


Welcome back teal—Chris Mills at Boat Customs will clear coat Dale Rayzor’s breathtaking Skater 30 Prototype catamaran later this week.

And then it was nowhere. Go-fast boat builders mercifully retired it.

As overused colors go, I didn’t mind teal. True, it became ubiquitous but it at least it wasn’t gaudy. Teal was, for this longtime industry observer, inoffensive and easy on the eyes, especially given some of the over-the-top motifs such as murals, themes and hideous tribal flames that followed.

But then, my tastes in colors and color schemes run conservative. To each his or her own, right?

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