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Commentary—Poker Runs, Weather Or Not

Things weren’t looking great for the Pennsylvania-based Erie Poker Run last Friday as light rain fell on the boats parked on their trailers in front of the Sheraton Bayfront Hotel. Convinced that that the rain would continue as forecasted throughout the weekend, most participants opted to keep their boats out of the water and start the Friday dock party early. And—by all accounts—party they did.


There are no rainchecks—so make the best of what you’ve got. Photo courtesy/copyright Jeff Helmkamp/Jeff Helmkamp Photography.

But come Saturday morning, the rain stopped, the skies partially cleared and the poker run was on. The participants, save for a few worn out by the previous night’s antics, scrambled to get their boats in the water and off they went for the most successful run on Lake Erie in the event’s four-year history.

The moral of the story? They made the best of what they had. And weather forecasts being what they are—forecasts—the story ended happily.

In a way, they had no choice.

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