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Commentary: In Praise Of Offshoreonly.com

To belabor what many speedonthewater.com readers already know, I get paid to write two columns a week for the home page of offshoreonly.com. So I’m a bit biased. I have an undeniable conflict of interest.

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Still the most vital online community of its kind, the go-fast boating forum and its members have plenty to offer. Photo courtesy/copyright Devin Wozencraft/Wozencraft Insurance Agency.

If that puts you off, I understand. Stop reading. I won’t be offended (and even if I were, you shouldn’t care).

Now, show me a more vital and broader online community of performance-boating enthusiasts. Show me one with more useful—and, yes, sometime useless—information. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

I bring it up because a recent thread in the General Discussion section of the OSO forums struck a familiar chord. You know, the one with all the hand-wringing about the website not being what it used to be.

For the record, it isn’t. Like the industry itself, OSO has contracted.

And—so what? That’s old news.

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